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2016 WIL Africa Conference

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2016 WIL Africa Conference

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2016 WIL Africa Conference

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2016 WIL Africa Conference

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2016 WIL Africa Conference

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Work-Integrated learning (WIL) creating value for the nation, the employers and students. Don’t miss the 2nd WIL Africa Conference on 20 – 22 September 2016, Africa’s premier platform for the development of WIL partnerships and sharing best practice. This SASCE conference will be hosted by University of Johannesburg.

This year, the conference will focus on improving the employability of graduates through WIL experiences.




You are invited to submit your articles and participate in the 2nd WIL Africa. The deadline for article submission is 30 July 2016. The conference theme for 2016 –Employability. Both academic and opinion articles are welcome. Attached find the paper guidelines.


WIL Africa 2016 Proceedings will include all accepted papers. WIL Africa Proceedings will be sent to be double blind peer reviewed for their inclusion in The African Journal for Work-Based Learning ISSN: 2412-7302 (printed) or ISSN: 2415-5055 (online).

WIL AFRICA Conference Dates: 20 – 22 September 2016

Venue: University of Johannesburg

WIL AFRICA will be Africa’s premier event focusing on Work-Integrated Learning, partnerships between industry and educational institutions and all forms of learning and training in the work place.

The pedagogy of integrating work and learning (WIL) and its significance and relevance in education and in employability of learners and graduates is well-documented around the world. Research has shown that WIL-graduates get better jobs, get jobs first and start with better salaries.

The South African Government strongly supports WIL and the White Paper for Post-School Education and Training (2013) includes the following extracts;

“Universities should seek to build strong partnerships with employers in order to promote the expansion of workplace training opportunities…”
“…emphasis will be given to strengthening partnerships with employers….”
“ SETAs are beginning to help establish partnerships between educational institutions and employers – especially to facilitate various forms of work-integrated learning”

“Workplace learning must be seen as integral part of qualification and programme design.” And “…training systems, including curricula, need to be designed around close co-operation between employers and education and training providers.”

WIL AFRICA will become an annual event showcasing various models of WIL and Co-operative education and work-based learning. Debate and discussion and best-practice as well as the challenges facing WIL implementation will be encouraged through workshops and round-tables at the conference.

The Inaugural WIL AFRICA to be held from 23-25 November 2015 at the University of Johannesburg will showcase various partnerships and best practice models. Platforms will be afforded to WIL students and industries that strongly advopcate WIL.

The Minister of Higher Education and Training has requested the Deputy Minister to open the conference. Several industry partners have already committed to participating and voicing their strong support for WIL.

Following SASCE’s and WACE’s “WIL-POWER” world conference in Durban in 2013, this is the strengthening of the WIL movement in Africa.


Welcome to the WIL-Africa 2016 Conference!

Dear WIL Delegates,

On behalf of the Southern African Society for Cooperative Education (SASCE) Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2nd WIL Africa Conference, to be hosted by University of Johannesburg in South Africa.

The WIL Africa Conference is a premium annual event on Cooperative Education and Work Integrated Learning. Building from a very successful inaugural WIL Africa Conference in 2015, SASCE is equally excited at the anticipated success this year and would in advance like to thank government representatives, industry, education, Labour and student representatives who will be participating in the conference.

The Global  advocacy by World Association on Cooperative Education, the continental advocacy by SASCE,  more WIL adoption by universities around the world as an educational strategy and the South African Government position as  reflected in the White Paper on Post-School Education and Training Are all a reflection of the growing importance of WIL in student employability.

If Human Capital is the most important asset of any organisation, then the alignment between the required Human Capital profile and the quality, relevance and work readiness of the graduates from our institutions who are the talent supply, is critical and impacts on the employability of the students post their studies. The conference theme for this year is therefore “WIL and Employability“.

The conference is therefore at an appropriate time (even though convened at short notice). The participants here will be from educational institutions, industry and various Government organisations and also includes WIL students/graduates. All these voices can contribute to a framework that is acceptable and practical.

The conference will again showcase best practice models and allow for interrogation of these and important policy issues such as the National Framework for WIL. Workshops are a key feature of the programme and these include Student Tracking Systems, WIL in TVET Colleges, Forming partnerships with Industry, etc.

Participants may therefore request funding from their institutional skills funding to attend the workshops and conference.

SASCE thanks the various speakers and panelists who have agreed to participate. More details of the keynote speakers and sponsors will be forthcoming shortly. (www.wil-africaconference.com ) The conference also has an Awards Banquet, where we recognise the contribution made by several organisations and individuals.

The conference is supported by the NSA.  Apart from the presentations, discussions and debates, the WIL Africa conference is also about networking. We expect that there will be many alliances and collaborative initiatives that will develop at the conference.

Your continued support for the annual WIL Africa Conference is appreciated.

Wishing you a great conference!

Shakeel Ori
SASCE President

Click HERE to view, select and register for a date to be part of the conference.


The University of Johannesburg welcomes SASCE delegates to our vibrant, multicultural and dynamic university, pulsing the pace and energy of cosmopolitan Johannesburg. We are proud to host the Inaugural WIL AFRICA Conference presented by SASCE focusing on strengthening the future development of work-integrated learning in Johannesburg and Africa.

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